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The Festival is a huge event with many simultaneous sessions taking place and we are looking for volunteers to help us with the smooth running of the Festival. We are looking for approximately 200-250 volunteers in February, at the Festival.

Volunteer registrations are now closed for 2021.

Application Process:

  • After you submit the application form, you will receive a confirmation email
  • All applications will be added to our volunteers’ database and selected candidates will be contacted by January 2021
  • Placement confirmations will begin by the end of January 2021
  • We can only accept a limited number of the most appropriate volunteers for each area. When all volunteer roles are filled, remaining applications will be added to a waiting list
  • If you have already completed the 2021 application, please email us at [email protected] for any updates in your preferences

We are sorry as we are unable to provide:

  • Visa assistance or sponsorship
  • Flights or transport to/ from the venue
  • Accommodation or any additional expenses

Volunteer roles and responsibilities**

    • Room/ Area Managers
    • Room Crew
    • Area Crew
    • Queue Control
    • Communications and Media

**subject to availability

What our volunteers have said:

“Meeting so many different people from different experiences and backgrounds, and the team working together for a common purpose [was the best thing about volunteering].” – Moira Speed, Area Manager

“Meeting and listening to authors you didn’t know about, rushing out to buy their book to get their autograph because you are so impressed by their discussion, and then reading the book which confirms your belief that authors create magic by their words.” – Malathy Garewal, Education Volunteer

Other comments from Festival Volunteers:

“[I] like how events such as the festival of literature bring people together and encourage the youth that there is hope for a better tomorrow.”

“I liked the fab authors that the festival managed to bring. It is getting better every year.”

“The LitFest team was extremely wonderful and so much fun to be around! It was a worthwhile experience. I’d definitely come back for next year.”

“[Loved] everything! Absolutely everything! The LitFest team were so amazing to work with.”

“I loved the passion and energy around the Festival and the buzz.”


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