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Publishing Manager

Job Title: Publishing Manager
Team: Management
Reporting To: Publishing Director


We are looking for a bilingual publisher with a progressively responsible experience in editing, journalism or editorial research or any equivalent combination of education and/or experience from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.

Job Description

Coordinates publication efforts through the selection, editing, writing, illustrating and cover design, indexing, typography selection, building up a preferred usage of words and grammar, and producing of manuals, manuscripts, journals, which may include online or web-based materials. Utilise specific IT skillsets throughout the production process.

Key Responsibilities

  • Monitors and coordinates the photography, artwork, layout, and preparation of the copy for publication.
  • Reviews copy submitted by authors or staff.
  • Writes materials with the main emphasis on eliminating ambiguity and submits to authors for review.
  • Ensures publication and production of a variety of materials including online publishing.
  • Edits material for accuracy, style, and readability, recommending changes where necessary.
  • Writes articles prepares news and general feature articles for publication.
  • Reads, proofs and/or supervises the proofreading of materials, including translations.
  • Develops and maintains new outlets for publication(s), such as updating, revising, or creating mailing lists.
  • Apply for PTP, ISBN and any other UAE requirements.
  • Represent the organisation at the Emirates Publishers Association, at Book Fairs and at meetings.
  • Oversees distribution of publications.
  • May develop and produce web-based materials.
  • Support team in IT requirements and all related projects with a particular focus on Arabic projects.


It will be necessary to sign a non-competitive clause and the non-disclosure agreement

To Apply

Please email your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]


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