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Operations Manager

Job Title: Operations Manager
Team: Operations
Reporting To: Head of Operations


We are looking for an experienced Operations Manager to join our team. As an Operations Manager, you will be very well organised. Communication skills, good time management and attention to detail are a must!

Job Description

To maintain all office duties and procedures and to manage operational event activities for the Lit Fest and ELF events.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support Head of Operations to develop the festival plan, to aid continuous improvements.
  • Develop and track overall Festival timeline, working closely with the Head of Operations and all members of the team.
  • Organise logistical elements of the festival, including sourcing and organising required materials, creating badging system, arranging meal vouchers, creating an inventory of materials already held.
  • Liaise with AV, Simultaneous Translations, visualiser and onsite branding companies to co-ordinate requirements and schedules.
  • Sit between Programming and Operations to provide logistical and technical support. Ensure session all requirements are identified, tracked, managed, and communicated – the programme master.
  • Ensure all required session-specific materials are sourced and organised.
  • Support any ELF events throughout the year and in lead up to the festival.
  • Support Head of Operations to track annual LitFest operations budget and provide status reports.
  • To ensure all venues in which events will be held (internal and external) are set up in a timely manner with the correct furniture, equipment, and catering stations.
  • Inventory control – to ensure all equipment, including audio visual, tables and chairs, lights and other fixtures and fittings are correctly positioned, in good working order, and in a clean and well-maintained condition.
  • Contracts – assist Head of Operations in liaising all contract requirements with suppliers, briefing suppliers, and managing onsite contract execution (for example, translation requirements)
  • Artifax/Zoho CRM – support Head of Operations in reviewing all AV/session requirements, managing the session requirements database and ensure all the reports are distributed to relevant team members.
  • Branding – administration and setup .of all branding materials supplied by Festival sponsors

To Apply

Please email your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]


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