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IT Manager

Job Title: IT Manager
Team: Operations
Reporting To: Head of Operations


We are looking for an IT Manager to be responsible and accountable for the smooth running of our IT systems and website management within the limits of requirements, specifications, costs, and timelines. You will supervise the implementation and maintenance of the Foundation’s IT and website management needs. The successful candidate will have improved skills, proven professional experience, and detailed knowledge of the industry best processes.

Job Description

The IT manager is responsible for organization-wide systems and information, including system updates, upgrades, migrations, and websites management, including but not limited to coding, innovative design, and layout of Foundation’s various websites, day-to-day maintenance, design, development and presentation of the Foundation’s various websites and online platforms including managing and maintaining the ticketing website, domain and website hosting, redesign of the website, involving new information and architecture, structure, and user interface.

Key Responsibilities

  • Running regular checks on networks and data security.
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities to improve and update software and systems.
  • Overseeing and determining IT Projects including system updates, upgrades, migration, and outages.
  • Developing and implementing IT policy and best practice guides for the Foundation.
  • Conducting regular system audits.
  • Regular event site visits.
  • Update and maintain data on Zoho CRM.
  • Coordinate with external IT Vendors.
  • Day-to-day maintenance of the Foundation’s websites, ensuring minimum downtime. This includes fixing broken links and modifying graphic images, including optimisation to reduce downtime and pro-actively looking for ways to improve performance.
  • To be responsible for design and development of new aspects of the websites, including changes to the presentation of the websites within the existing technical infrastructure, using content and design input from the Foundation team. This includes creation of graphics, design of easy-to-use navigation, development of scripts for site interactivity, dynamic creation of web pages or access to databases and creation of procedures for maintaining the site.
  • To liaise directly with the Visual Marketing Manager and the Head of Communication to ensure the Foundation websites complies with all Branding guidelines.
  • To liaise with payment gateway service providers to interface payment processing functions.
  • To do whatever is necessary to support the Foundation team to ensure that the Arabic language websites are presented in a manner consistent with the English language version.
  • Distribution of e-newsletters and e-flyers to the Foundation’s database contacts in a timely manner upon receipt of content from the Foundation team.
  • Perform monthly website backups to ensure continuity and safekeeping of data.
  • After each Festival and other key events, archive the websites and prepare the site for the upcoming year’s activities.
  • Provide ad hoc websites’ traffic and performance reports as requested.
  • Provide support to the Operations team for all manner of IT related works.

To Apply

Please email your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]


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