Adult event

Visual Exploration of Publications in the Arab World: Camil Karam & Hussein Alazaat

Event No. 407, 29-01-2021 20:30 - 21:30,
Amphitheatre, Jameel Arts Centre, Jaddaf Waterfront - Dubai

Language: Arabic

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Designers Hussein Alazaat of ‘The Beautiful Books Trove’ archive and Camil Karam of YaHala Studio of rare comics, publications and ephemera discuss the history of Dar El-Fata El-Arabi (The Arab Child Publishing House) launched in Beirut in 1974 and art-directed by the late renowned Egyptian illustrator and book maker Mohieddin El-Labbad known for creating progressive children’s books and comics in the region. The talk traces El-Labbad’s pioneering collaborations with artists, designers and writers to his great legacy in children literature in the Arab World including UAE’s Majed Magazine.
Jameel Library also features an exclusive 4 days display of rare comics and ephemera from Hussein and Camil’s archives on January 28-31, 2021, coinciding with the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature Festival.

Camil Karam is a creative designer and self-taught street artist based in Dubai. He is the Founder of YaHala Studio Archive, an Instagram platform that collects modern and vintage posters, books and ephemera from across the Arab World.

Hussein Alazaat is a multi-disciplinary designer, instructor, Arabic calligraphy artist, and typography enthusiast from Jordan. He is the founder of ALAZAAT Design Studio in Amman and offered his services to various clients in diverse industries around the world. He is also the co-founder of ‘Wajha’, a social/cultural/design initiative to help small businesses and shop owners who are in need of free-of-charge branding works for their shops. In 2018, Alazaat launched ELHARF, a cultural space and an online platform that embraces art, Arabic identity, and handmade designed products, at ELHARF House he hosts the ‘The Beautiful Books Trove’ an archive of rare Arabic publications and prints.