Adult event

The Poetryhood Presents

Event No. 83, Sat 08 February, 19:00 - 20:30,
Al Baraha 3, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City

Language: English

Authors: Danabelle Gutierrez, Alysia Knowles, Hakeem Kemet, Jamil Adas, Maher Gidwani, Namal Siddiqui, Osama Al Husseini, Suhaib Alises, Yazeed Makhlouf, Ahmad Nizar, Alaa Abu Arshid, Farah Chamma, Harry Baker, Carlos Andrés Gómez

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The Poetryhood brings you an evening of powerful and honest performances with a fun, laid-back vibe where Spoken Word artists share their creativity in a safe-haven of vulnerability and truth.


  • Ahmad Nizar
  • Alaa Abu Arshid
  • Alysia Knowles
  • Carlos Andrés Gómez
  • Danabelle Gutierrez
  • Farah Chamma
  • Hakeem Kemet
  • Harry Baker
  • Jamil Adas
  • Maher Gidwani
  • Namal Siddiqui
  • Osama Al Husseini
  • Suhaib Alises
  • Yazeed Makhlouf

Come and experience the joy of this poetry community founded by Jamil Adas, and be reminded that poetry is indeed for everyone.