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Boost Your Confidence: Masterclass with Jonathan Yabut

Event No. 823, Thu 06 February, 13:30 - 14:30,
Al Rimal, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City

Language: English

Authors: Jonathan Yabut

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Boost your confidence in the workplace and beyond!

Motivational expert and bestselling business author Jonathan Yabut presents his masterclass on the skills needed to speak effectively. Whether you are presenting at a conference, pitching your novel or simply hoping to tune up your social skills, this class will help your increase your impact.

This session is applicable for the young and the old, the employed and yet-to-be-employed, and the passion seekers. Finally, Jonathan will conduct various exercises in improving your public speaking skills: JAM sessions, extemporaneous public speaking, and counting the number of times you are likely to say ‘actually’ in meetings. The objective is to kick-start the audience to becoming effective public speakers—in the hopes that it will help them in achieving success in school, work, or personal life.

The tutor: Jonathan Yabut is the author of the bestselling motivational book From Grit to Great. Finding fame as the first winner of The Apprentice Asia, he has gone on to inspire thousands of young Asians to pursue their dreams.