Kira Jean

Kira Jean is the founder and CEO of The Dreamwork Collective, an independent print and digital publishing company that shares the Middle East’s most unique voices and powerful stories. Her company strives to continue becoming one of the most influential, life-changing media organisations in the Middle East, offering a platform for inspiring stories and wisdom from the region to be shared throughout the world.

Kira is a passionate writer, speaker and entrepreneur who writes and speaks on topics such as leadership, creativity, and entrepreneurship. She is a qualified yoga teacher and life coach, and mentors some of the world’s top creatives, entrepreneurs and visionaries on how to achieve their goals with more ease and grace.

Passionate about igniting creativity and expanding consciousness, Kira fuses her experience in a range of fields to bring life-altering knowledge to people around the world. She believes one of the most powerful ways to connect and improve the lives of others is through storytelling.