If you follow us on Instagram (shameless plug: @emirateslitfest), you’ll know that we asked you what your reading habits whether they’re unusual reading positions or you read the last line of the book for fun. Here’s what we found:

“I can’t fall asleep without reading. I have to be reading a book in order for me to go to sleep,”

“I read every morning before I start my day and I highlight the parts that are worth the reread later,”

“I always use a pencil to mark my books,”

“Guilty to dog earring!”

“I always one book at a time for me, it’s hard to take everything in,”

“I’m never without a book, I have a book in the car, next to my bed and home office,”

“I used to read the last page but I don’t anymore,”

“When it’s a really good book that I can’t put down, I read in the shower. It took me months to master it but I got it down,”

“I can only read in my special reading armchair otherwise I can’t focus,”

“I know people usually can’t read with noise in the background but I love listening to white noise whilst reading,”