As we celebrate the planet and try to do our part to protect it, we want to share some reading by our own Festival authors that are advocates for the environment.

Turning the Tide on Plastic by Lucy Siegle
More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year and an estimated 15-51 trillion pieces of plastic are now in the seas. Plastic will soon outnumber fish by 2050. Turning the Tide on Plastic has ignited the plastic activist in all of us. Journalist and broadcaster Lucy Siegle wrote a clear-eyed and accessible guide to help us take decisive and effective personal action.

The World in a Grain by Vince Beiser
After water and air, sand is the natural resource that we consume more than any other–even more than oil. Every concrete building and paved road on Earth, every computer screen and silicon chip, is made from sand. And, incredibly, we’re running out of it. The World in a Grain is the compelling true story of the hugely important and diminishing natural resource that grows more essential every day, and of the people who mine it, sell it, build with it–and sometimes, even kill for it.

The Eco-Heroes by Colette Barr and Leona Collins
Colette Barr and Leona Collins created The Eco-Heroes series, a collection of stories for young children that cover topical and environmental issues like recycling, reducing food waste and looking for other energy sources.

As an organisation, we also strive to be sustainable, looking for ways to reduce the amount of the Earth’s resources that we use. To see what we do, click here: https://www.elfdubai.org/en/about/sustainability-2