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Things Writers Ought to Know About Their Writing

In his classic book on writing, The Art of Fiction, the novelist and


‘I Am Malala’: A Story of Struggle, Hope and Courage

I didn’t know that memoirs and biographies could be as exciting and


Who Are You When You Are Not Writing?

An old man sits in the middle of the road. He patiently looks at the


Eight Tough-Love Eyeopeners For Writers

Writers, here are some tough questions that you need to ask yourselves as


A Summer Reading List of Books by LitFest Authors

Summer reads are typically fast, no-stress books that you can easily devour


Is Social Media The New Silverfish?

I picked up my phone as the sound of a notification drew me back in to the


How I Met My Books

Believe it or not, I taught myself to read at the age of four, even before


Four Books to Read if You Love Art

“A picture is a poem without words” goes the saying, and if you agree,


In Conversation with the Founder of ExpatWoman.com

As an event so firmly embraced by our community, it is only fitting that we


Read, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

As we celebrate the planet and try to do our part to protect it, we want to


My Favourite Poem: Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day by William Shakespeare

My Favourite Poem: Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day by William Shakespeare

As it’s National Poetry Month, we asked one of our contributors to


Five Things You Learned at the LitFest

Five Things You Learned at the LitFest

If you were paying attention, here are some of the things you will have


5 Thrilling Crime Novels at the #DubaiLitFest

The crime fiction author, Gladys Mitchell, in a 1977 essay attempted to


4 Inspirational Memoirs from the #DubaiLitFest

Some people find that motivational literature helps them learn to live


Four Ways to Get Your Writing Back On Track

I’m guessing that many of you set yourselves some very tough New Year



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