Want to know more about the team behind the ِ#Emirateslitfest? Meet Andrea Gissdal who is our Head of Marketing and Communications who has been working for the Festival since 2018. Andrea works closely with the Communications team to create award-winning marketing campaigns for the #EmiratesLitFest and comes up with unique ideas on how to market the Festival to readers and non-readers.

What book has made an impact on you and why?
Too many to mention but let’s go with Lord of the Flies. It is a harrowing story about a group of shipwrecked children alone on an island, and the social structures they create in the absence of society. The book shows us the very worst of human nature and it is absolutely terrifying. It is such a simple story, so powerfully told.

What is your favourite quote and why?
Neil Gaiman said “Fiction is the lie that tells the truth”, and that really resonates with me. Non-fiction books can impart facts collated and shaped to point to a certain conclusion, but fiction can make me feel and understand. It can open my eyes to nuances missing in the world of non-fiction. I feel sorry for people who think fiction is frivolous; nothing could be further from the truth and by not reading fiction they miss out on so much.

Who is your favourite literary character and why?
I don’t know about favourite, but I love Amy from Gone Girl. What a fantastic character! She is smart and fearless; at times relatable, and at other times most likely a psychopath. It is really hard to pin her down and that makes her more interesting.



Do you read more than one book at a time?
Yes, currently four on the go

Do you dog-ear pages or use a bookmark?

Audio books or physically reading?
Kindle and paper

How many books do you currently have in your To Be Read pile?
I haven’t counted them. Probably 10-15 on the kindle and 30+ actual paper books