Tim SpectorWhat are you most looking forward to at EAFOL16?

I am looking forward to be part of a very exciting panel of speakers and have the chance to listen to their work.  I am also excited and honoured to be able to introduce the Gulf audience to the world of the microbiome and to disseminate the importance of a varied diet for a diverse microbiome and overall health.

Why do you think literary festivals are important?

Literary festivals are vital in helping to promote and disseminate the work of a high number of exciting and prolific writers in a wide area of subjects.  Books not only entertain our readers but also help to change attitudes and open minds, and in the digital era they are more in demand than ever. Book writing is a very solitary activity and this event provides us the writers, with the opportunity to present our work directly to the audience and engage with our readers. I never fail to learn something new from my readers which I can then implement in future works.

Can you share one line from a book or poem that has stayed with you for the longest time?

Eat real food – not too much, mainly plants – From Michael Pollan – The Omnivores dilemma                                                                                      

You have to make a book tower of at least 5 books for your nightstand. Which ones would you choose?

Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain – Henry Marsh

When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi

A Savage Continent – Keith Lowe

A Tale Of Two Cities – Charles Dickens

Any Human Heart – William Boyd

In your opinion, what does 2016 hold for the world of literature?

I think that 2016 will introduce us to a wide variety of exciting new books and there is a thirst for novelty. Writing is a tough and very competitive world but more and more people are courageously making a mark and new ideas are coming up all the time that entertain, teach and widen our world.