By Rebecca Hill

Session 11.00am:  Fly with Me: The Green Sheikh

HH Sheikh Dr Abdulaziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi

In a room full of school kids, I had the distinct feeling that was I going to be in for a different session than I usually attend and I wasn’t wrong. Having lived in the UAE for 10 years I was familiar with the Green Sheikh but this was my first live experience with him.

Firstly, he has an impressive C.V. – like many Emiratis he has had the benefit of extraordinary life opportunities – unlike many he has really fulfilled much of his potential and some. He is an extraordinary storyteller, sharing stories and events from his past that reflect the richness of the UAE and its leaders.

As a motivational speaker, the children were clapping and following his every instruction. As a role model his passions include human rights and the environment and he believes that planting goodness in the heart of mankind is his core goal.

His Highness certainly knew how to inspire and encourage a young audience to consider different paths for their future, ones that respect each other and their elders as well as the environment.

As an adventurer he has harnessed diverse skills from sky diving to meditation to prepare himself for the many challenges he readily accepts to help spread his version of today’s issues, the 7 W’s: worship, wellbeing, water, wheat, watt, weather and waste.

An extraordinary session.