King Lear cr IMDBOfficial EAFOL16 blogger Asma Merchant writes about her second day at the Festival’s film screenings

More Shakespeare for me to get acquainted to. Today was a screening of King Lear, directed by Peter Brooks. I am impressed by the acting and how well it’s portrayed on screen in black and white.

While Hamlet was about revenge, King Lear explores the betrayal of a king by his daughters who proclaim to love him only to get their inheritance. Paul Scofield, who plays King Lear, has acted well, going from revered King to abandoned madman.

The thing with the Festival is, if you go beyond what you usually read and watch, you will be pleasantly surprised. I am thoroughly enjoying this interpretation of Shakespeare. I am an avid reader but Shakespeare has always petrified me. But now I know that after the Festival is done, I will seek more Shakespeare adaptations to watch and probably attempt reading a play or two.

Time is the theme of the Festival and who better to celebrate than Shakespeare, who proves his timelessness, time and again. A recent theatrical play of Hamlet is being screened at Novo cinemas tomorrow. Come and see how Shakespeare and his themes of revenge, betrayal and redemption are still relevant today.