by volunteer Soha Aftab

  • What drew you to the Festival?

What drew me to the Festival was the excitement that I will have a lot many opportunities to meet many authors and writers. And also that could be something beneficial for my experience.

  • What kind of books do you like reading?
Lord Jeffrey Archer at #DubaiLitFest 2017

I like horror, adventurous and books related to reality.

  • Who did you most enjoy seeing at the Festival? Which session was your favourite?

The most interesting thing was people running here and there, (the volunteers) working with determination and the team working so hard. Also, the best was the interest of people who came up to become a part of it. Favourite session was with Jeffery Archer and Kanishk Tharoor.

  • What did you enjoy most at the Festival?

Spending time with my friends in a literary environment was the best.

  • What is your enduring memory of the Festival?

The way the Festival kept me focused is the most enduring memory.