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Shan Romeo Chauhan

LitFest Launchpad author Shan Romeo Chauhan was born in the UK and has lived in Dubai since the age of one. He is an all-rounder, participating in numerous sporting and extracurricular activities and has become an integral part of many teams; he strives for excellence and is tenacious in nature. In 2020 he published his first book, Strength Within, with some of the proceeds supporting education for two boys in Malawi, Africa. He has appeared on numerous media platforms, including Dubai Eye, Habibti Magazine and Pearl FM, and both Shan and his book are regularly referenced by Barry Lee Cummings, founder of Beat the Cyberbully for the positive use of technology as inspiration.    

Shan is a keen martial arts enthusiast and a member of Phoenix Academy’s select demo unit, performing complex choreographed stunts and thrilling routines with martial arts weaponry and music at various public events in the UAE. He is also an avid reader, and enjoys creating video content for his YouTube Channel – “Shan Attax” – He is hoping to publish his second book next year.