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Sanaa Chabbani

Sanaa Chabbani is a Lebanese writer for children and young adults. She has a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature from the Lebanese American University, and a masters degree in school counselling. She is studying for her doctorate in educational sciences at Saint Joseph University, Beirut. 

Sanaa has published more than seventy-six books, including The Battle of Antara Bin Shaddad in 2015; Who Spoiled the Orchard?, Adventure in the Street and the Scheherazades Story series in 2016; Melodies of the NightA Commemorative Image and Sweeter than Upset in 2019; and most recently NourRosie Bears Responsibility and An Unexpected Visit. She has also written two plays. 

Sanaa has given several specialised workshops on writing children’s and YA literatureheld many workshops for school students and participated in cultural projects in Lebanon to promote a culture of reading within her community. Sanaa currently works at the University of Balamand in Lebanon as an education officer, where she implements social and development programmes and projects, and trains trainers.