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Rehan Khan

An avid observer of history and the many cross-cultural connections it unearths, Rehan Khan, has always been intrigued by how ideas and information move from one civilisation to the next. How nations and tribes prospered from the efforts of predecessors, and then conveyed bounties acquired to their successors. Throughout his travels, what most fascinates him are the narratives, legends and chronicles which unite cultures, as opposed to shattering societies into a thousand opposing pieces. He is the author of A Tudor Turk (2019) a historic fiction, described as Mission Impossible in the Sixteenth century, as well as the fantasy series: Last of the Tasburai (2014) and Scream of the Tasburai (2017). When not writing, Rehan works in the telecoms sector and is a visiting professor at an international business school. He lives in Dubai with his family.