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Ranganath Subramoney

Ranganath Subramoney, aka Ranga, is a true global citizen. With his roots in a traditional Indian family steeped in Vedic philosophy, then shaped by an international education in science and managementhe has spent most of his adult life globetrotting across multicultural environments in the fields of hospitality, tourism and wellness.

A strong believer in physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing since his childhood days and shaped by his experiential life-journeys, Ranga has evolved into a wellness leader and teacher.

Inspired by his more than four decades of meditation and wellness practices in Yogic, Buddhist and Western forms, and the transformational paths he discovered en-route, Ranga is committed towards encouraging others to a progressive enrichment of life via self-awareness and a growth mindset. He created The LAAF Way, where laughter, play and meditation are the joyous gateways to living all of life in a state of wellbeing and fulfillment. 

A freethinker, enthusiastic speaker and an excellent manifestor, Ranga is currently based in Dubai, UAE. He finds joy in everyday life and when he’s not traveling to share his work and message, he delves into history and culture, and adores the performing arts.