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Pamela Butchart

Pamela Butchart has always loved children’s books, but never thought she could write her own til her husband bought her a guide called ‘How to Write for Children’ for her birthday. She now has 20 books published, most recently There’s a Yeti in the Playground. Her other books include The Spy Who Loved School Dinners, which won the Blue Peter Best Story Award and My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat, which won The Children’s Book Award.

Pamela is very excited to have been asked to continue Enid Blyton’s iconic and much-loved Secret Seven series, beginning with Secret Seven: Mystery of the Skull.

Pamela lives in Dundee with her husband, Andy and their baby son Albie and two cats, Bear & Carlos. If she wasn’t working as a writer and a teacher she’d like to open a luxury hotel for stray cats.