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Nasser Iraq

Nasser Iraq is an Egyptian novelist and writer born in 1961. He has published ten novels since 2011, including The UnemployedTaj Al Hudhud, The Extra, The Black Court, House of Lovers and The Locanda. 

His novel Azbakeya won the Katara Grand Prize for Arabic Novel in 2016. It is being translated into five languages, with the English and French translations published in 2017and will be adapted for television. In 2018, Cairo Women – Dubai was shortlisted for Abu Dhabi Media Foundation’s I See My Novel award. 

Nasser contributed to the establishment of the Dubai Cultural book series as series editorsupervising the publication of thirty-three books for Arab intellectuals and authors. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Arabic Letters magazine, published by the Dubai Forum for Culture and Science.