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Katherine Ormerod

Katherine Ormerod is the editor of Work Work Work, the anti-perfectionist platform and content consultancy.

Katherine has worked as journalist for over a decade, working as a fashion assistant at Sunday Times Style. She graduated with a Masters (Hons) in History from the University of Edinburgh and went on to get a Master’s in Fashion History Theory from the London College of Fashion.

In 2014, Katherine set up her own consultancy to accelerate fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands in editorializing their marketing messages across social platforms. Recently, she launched workworwork.co, a platform where high-profile social media stars and women with aspirational careers can share stories from their ‘unedited’ lives.

She is the author of Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life, an investigation into how our relationship with social media has rewired our behavioural patterns, destroyed our confidence and shattered our attention spans.