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Hamad Al Hammadi

Hamad Al Hammadi is an Emirati writer awarded the UAE Pioneers Award in 2016 as the first novelist to introduce political literature in the UAE. 

In 2012 he published Left Towards the Heart, followed in 2014 by his first novel Retaj, the first political novel about the UAE. It addresses the secret organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood and is based on true stories. Retaj was the first novel about the UAE to be adapted for television, with the series Betraying a Nation also becoming the first political TV series in the history of UAE drama. It was the most watched TV programme in the UAE, and reached the top of the UAE’s trending topics.  

In 2015, Hamad published his next novel, For Ghaith – An Emirati in ISIS followed by Anymore in 2016, Forecasting Hearts in 2017 and Blackness Towards the Heart in 2019. His latest novel, A Cemetery Under the Arabian Gulf, came out in 2020 and is a political and social novel exploring sensitive issues in Gulf states.