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Ebtisam Al-Beiti

Ebtisam Al-Beiti is an early years professional who has had a passion for education since her high school years, where she used to volunteer to read stories for preschool children. She is usually found in a noisy classroom or running operations as an experienced vice-principal. Writing a children’s book has always been on her bucket list, until it became a reality in March 2020.  

Earning a Post-Graduate Certificate in education and working in managerial and teaching roles inspired her to write a book with a strong educational message for our youngest readers. Can I Go Out Now? aims to teach children about current environmental and health issues in a fun, playful, and interactive way.  

Being an educator, Ebtisam has strived to be a contributor to the education of young children and she has also volunteered in special needs schools in her free time. Ebtisam lives with her family in Dubai and she is not to be confused with her twin sister!