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Camil Karam

Autodidact artist born and raised in Amman, Jordan, Camil Karam started learning and developing his technique through experimenting with new ideas and concepts in his free time until he decided to devote his career to art, creating and establishing his own brand built around the ideology of “expressing yourself the way you want to, always keeping art as freedom of expression”.

Street art truly inspired him to combine the essence of the Arabic culture with what is traditionally considered more of a “western-style” of art, while drifting away from the common street art form of graffiti. His approach is based on integrating digital and hand-drawn designs printed on paper layered on top of each other that creates unique textures and depth of artworks using different techniques known in street art as “wheat paste” and “stencilling”.

In parallel, Camil founded YaHala Studio 4 years ago as a passion project. YaHala Studio, a unique Archive collection based in Dubai, hunts and preserves some of the rarest and most unique memories of Middle Eastern history in the shape of vintage posters, publications and memorabilia found in the four corners of the world.