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Bassam Chebaro

Born in Beirut, Bassam Chebaro is a graduate of American University of Beirut in Business in 1963. In 1973 he founded Mediterranean Press, as well as Abgad Graphics for setting, page-making & color-separation. He also founded Arab Scientific Publishers in 1984 and has published more than 6,500 Arabic titles. He is a Partner at Thaqafa Publishing & Distribution, Abu Dhabi; www.nwf.com, the biggest Arabic Online Bookstore; and Mamun Translation Co. in Beijing, China, providing translation from Chinese to Arabic.

Bassam is the Arabic publisher for Dan Brown, Danielle Steel, Stephen King, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Jo Nesbo, and more. He’s also published for Ibrahim Nasrallah, Bothayna Alessa, Saud Alsanousi (winner of the 2013 International Prize for Arabic Fiction), Dr. Munther Kabbani, and many other high-profile authors.