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Andy Fieldhouse 

Team coach and author Andy Fieldhouse is a man with a mission: to help people get teamwork rightHe has spent twenty-five years working in and with teams in the UK and the Middle East and uses his experience and expertise to help work teams create the culture and practices necessary for them to achieve success. In 2020, Andy published his first book Getting Teamwork Right – The Key to Happy, Successful and Resilient Teams, which became an Amazon No.1 bestseller. 

Andy has been working for twelve years in the field of team development, with extensive experience in training, advising and coaching work teams from a wide range of sectors and companies, and of the particular challenges that highly diverse and multicultural teams face. He qualified as an ORSC (Organization & Relationship Systems) ICF (International Coaching Federation) coach in 2017.  

Andy lives in Dubai with his Australian wife and their two children. When not working or enjoying time with his family, Andy enjoys the odd round of golf or catching up on reading history books.